La Västra Nostra

It’s a pretty exciting thing to have a language slowly but surely integrate itself into your brain. It’s also exciting to watch it happen with others. One illustrious example was watching my homegirl @alexashoen negotiate the purchase of a couch, all in German. (“If you buy this couch, it will be your couch.” *Nods*)

I had a moment with this song this morning,“Göteborg (La Västra Nostra Remix)”. It’s a collaborative hiphop homage to the sublime city of Göteborg. When I first listened to it two years ago, I really loved the tempo and exuberance, but understood basically nothing. Now, to my delight, I am picking up most of the words. Stringing them together into meaningful sentences surely will come next. But for now, I’m happy to know the meaning of:

“Alla mina tjejer…” (All my ladies…)

On the occasion of Valborg, a curious holiday happening here today which Wikipedia informs me translates to “Walpurgis Night,” I shall put this positively titillating and city pride-inducing music video here for your enjoyment.

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